PAJHRA, which in Adivasia (Sadri) language means ‘life Spring’, stands for Promotion and Advancement of Justice, Harmony and Rights of Adivasis. PAJHRA was conceptualised in November 2001 by a group of Adivasi social activists and leaders and was formalized on 9th April 2002. PAJHRA is an initiative of Adivasis of Assam from all walks of life. Adivasis who have lived peacefully and whose contribution is substantial to the economy of Assam believe that they deserve and can have a better status in North East India and it is up to them, in collaboration with other agencies to change their lot.

PAJHRA being an organization of Adivasi leaders, it tries to steer the community towards self development. It implements those activities that deal with macro issues which would require groups of people and individuals to work in collaboration, complementing each other. It networks and collaborates with organizations and development agents within the community like – the student organizations, the women organizations, the literary bodies called the Sahitya Sabhas, the different Adivasi NGOs and like minded individuals. It relates and partners with non Adivasi NGOs, the church development agencies, human rights bodies and many regional and national development agencies. It collaborates with networks like People’s Rights Forum, All India Network to End Human Trafficking and Wada Na Todo Abhiyan.

PAJHRA an organization of the Adivasis visualizes a self reliant and confident Adivasi community with a permanent and legitimate place in North East India coexisting in harmony with other tribes and communities.


To empower members of Adivasi community and their institutions by building their capacity, self esteem and by advocating for their rights.



I. Identity
II. Land alienation
III. Documentation of history, culture, language, data on community
IV. Research on issues of importance
V. Socio-economic status of Adivasi workers in tea gardens
VI. Advocacy of Adivasi issues and their rights
VII. Promotion of communal harmony, peace and unity
VIII. Rights violation of Adivasis
IX. Disasters response

PAJHRA Consists of 49 registered members from different districts of Assam. The members are educated Adivasis who have some social standing in the soicety as teachers, lawyers, social workers and other professionals. This forms the general body of PAJHRA.

There is a 16 member executive committee. The committee is headed by the president. Other office bearers are the Vice president, Secretary and Treasurer. The rest are executive memebrs. There is one woman in the committee. This committee also has subcommittees which are responsible in overseeing some specific aspects of the organization. For example 2 members are incharge of media & communication, 2 for Legal matters and three for finance and 2 for projects.

The execution of the projects, programmes and plans of PAJHRA lies on the Director who is also one of the executive members. There are groups of staff working in focus areas of work comprising of facilitating people’s initiatives for their rights, Adivasi Culutre, Research and Training Centre, Mother Tongue Based Multi-Lingual Education program, Research studies and in Humanitarian response program.