About the Centre

The Adivasi Culture, Research and Training Centre (ACRTC) situated in a picturesque setting, at the backdrop of Arunachal Pradesh hills in the north surrounded by hamlets and tea gardens mostly inhabited by poor Adivasis. It provides a serene and quiet place for everyone who cares to spend time there. It is a scenic place amidst the paddy fields, bamboo groves, bushes and hamlets of small farmers. It is located at Sapoi-Bhutia Ali village, P/O Rakasmari, Dhekiajuli-784 112, Sonitpur, Assam, 10 km away from Dhekiajuli town and 50 kms from Tezpur city. The centre occupies the total land of about 25 acres which also includes land for cultivation.PHOTOS


I. What the CENTRE has at present?

a) A place for training – for 40 participants
b) Faring land, fishery,
c) Adivasiya School – effective promotion of education through the promotion and development of adivasiya languages


II. What is the OVER ALL vision of the CENTRE in near future?

a) A training centre with Adivasi environment (culture, custom, philosophy etc) with an Adivasi hospitality.
b) A training centre with modern and model Adivasi means of livelihood (farming, animal husbandry, horticulture, fishery, handloom, art and craft, production of musical instruments and fishing and hunting equipments etc) (both traditional and modern means of livelihood)
c) A centre for ADIVASI RESEARCH (everything related to Adivasis) – facilities needed i) library, ii) departments related to Adivasi issues like TE issues, ST, farming, art and craft etc. iii) departments for cultural and linguistic developments. ……………. Findings and conclusions of the Researches will form the basis for development policy makers from local to global levels.
d) A Centre having an Adivasi Museum


III. What is the need (situations/conditions of the Adivasis) around the Centre?

a) Wage = Rs. 80 + (about 1.7 dollar)
b) Tea garden family – total family property = worth about 1000 to 2000 dollar ?
c) Property of an average Adivasi family in a Village – = (Rs. 2 to 2 and half lakhs) about 4000 dollars
d) Cultivation – 1 time a year (least utilization of land), depend on rain, traditional means (quality of seeds, tools –oxen, lacking diversification) – production is below satisfaction.


IV. What difference/change the CENTRE envisions to bring in local Adivasis?

a) Agriculture: i) Provide irrigation facilities, ii) Cultivation at least 2 times a year, iii) Diversification of crops, iv) Increase productivity – in cultivation – through modern means of cultivation (HYV seeds, use of machines, vermicompost.
b) Diversification of skill for livelihood.
c) Organize and modernize – some of the Adivasi traditional means of livelihood – like farming, animal husbandry, house building, weaving, art and craft, making musical instruments.



a) Suggest ideas
b) Link to organizations who could help to build the different department of the Centre
c) donate