On 27 June the embankment breached at Solmari which brought devastating flood in Biswanath and Sootea circle of Sonitpur inundating 102 villages. With Action Aid and PAD Pajhra did a quick damage assessment on 29 & 30 June 2012 and began to provide the initial relief materials to villages in Sootea circle through the support of Action Aid. However, in mid July partnering with Oxfam India and being funded by European Commission it has covered 7 villages in Kumolia and Swaguri Gaon Panchayat of Biswanath circle.

• Reached out to 2800 household 20 hamlets of 2 Gaon Panchayats
• Under PHP (Public Health Promotion) promoted WASH (Water Sanitation Hygiene) through awareness campaign among school children, women and village    through theatre, meetings, training, drawing competition, rally etc.
• Chlorinated hand pumps,
• repaired water sources, constructed raised platforms and organized maintenance committees.
• constructed temporary latrines in the embankments and IDP camps in July and August months when the people were in the relief camps and    embankments.
• provided unconditional cash transfer to 90 households,
• Constructed helter for 100 households
• 225 House Holds were given 45 days of work @ Rs. 136/-
• 5 days of cash for training