Planning meeting was held on 4 Mar’14 at Asurline, Kokrajhar for the preparation of International Women’s Day. The responsibilities were given to women leaders of women’s forum and workers group.
Tola workers group was formed at Haldibari, Kokrajhar on 5 Mar’14. 30 members present in the meeting among them Mr. Sundar Tudo and Ms. Josmila Murmu were elected as representatives.
International Women Day: International Women Day was celebrated on 8 Mar’14 at Daloabari, Asurline, Kokrajhar. Guests were welcomed with Adivasi Gamcha. Silvina Lakra block workers group coordinator explained the importance of the day and it is a blessed day for the all the women.
Dotma Block workers group was reformed at Serfanguri on 28 Mar’14 consisting 11 members. Alina Todu as president, Som Soren as secretary and 2 advisors were elected in the meeting.
On 3-4 Mar two guest, Barnabas Kindo and workers group staffs of Dhekiajuli visited Shyamuri T.E & Dibrudarrang T.E. They had discussion about the living conditions and the tea garden facilities with the workers group members and tea garden labours.
Three Wakalat Nama of Ragesh Borah, Ansilam Soy and Kuja Basumatari were prepared and signed.
On 11 Mar a village meeting was organized at Sapoi T.E along with the tea garden worker which was organized by ACMS regarding the Doctors misbehavior to the patients. It was decided to organize next meeting to take final decision about the mentioned matter.
On 12 Mar 20 women were listed for Mobile Tracking training.
On 9 Mar International Women’s Day was celebrated at Holongakata by women workers group members with the help of Block workers group Committee.

Village meeting: – To understand the situation of disability among the Adivasi community.
A village meeting was organized by Hul of Dhekiajuli Block, Sonitpur on 23rd March 2014 at Sapoi Line Dibrudarrang T.E. Ms. Shelly Bennarjee of Action on Disability Development attended the meeting. The total 31 participants were present in the meeting. Ms. Shelly elucidated in brief about her organization and the purpose of her visit. She requested the participants to take responsibilities of the community towards the abilities, have relation with them, do not neglect but help and love them. The disable people also have their desire, feelings, passions as well as rights to life. The government facilities especially for the disable people, take the responsibilities to help them in getting the government facilities. She asked the workers group members to prepare a list of disable people so that she will try to do something for them. In the end of the meeting Anganwadi workers took the responsibility to make the list of disable people

Meeting on electrification of Holongakatta Dartoli and Sapoi line Dibrudarrang T.E:
The village meeting for electrification of Holongakata Dartoli was organized by block workers group Committee, Dhekiajuli on 7th March 2014. Total 44 village people and Hul members attended the meeting. In the meeting they decided to prepare application with the signatures of all the beneficiaries and submit the application to Panchayat office, electricity office of Dhekiajuli and MLA.
Another meeting on electrification of Sapoi Line Dibrudarrang T.E was organized by block Hul committee, Dhekiajuli on 11th March 2014. Total 45 village people and workers group members attended the meeting. In this meeting Mr. Ajit Minz, Ward Member of Sapoi Line shared that he had given an application for electricity to Panchayat office and Power Grade Dhekiajuli 3 years before. A village survey was also done by the Power Grade but due to lack of follow up the electricity has not been provided to the village. The members decided to prepare a fresh application with the signature of all the beneficiaries along with the enclosed copy of earlier application and submit to Panchayat office, electricity office and MLA of Dhekiajuli.

• Gender training
• Workshop on PLA, RTE & RTI
• Baha Festival
• Exposure and Training programme on MGNREGA, PRI, PDS & RTI: 2 days training programme was held at ACRTC, Sapoi bhutia Ali, Dhekiajuli. 9 workers group members attended the programme. Mr. Ajoy Aind field coordinator of DBSS, Tezpur facilitated the training programme. The resource person bestowed knowledge on job cards, dealership system,managing committee and about RTI, process of writing and filing RTI. The action plans taken: 1) To apply for job card in their names. 2) File RTI on certain issues of their area.

Gender training was organized by Block workers group of Sarupathar, Golaghat at Gondhakoroi No.1. Ms. Sonia Samad, Documentation Incharge, PAJHRA facilitated the training programme. 25 participants were present in the programme. The training started with self introduction of the participants, group discussion on the works of men and women, presentation by the groups and sharing about the works of men and women. The resource person said explained about the physical and social difference with various examples. The participants were excited and planned to organize a women committee in the village to look over issues of the village.
• International Women Day
International Women Day was organized by Block workers group, Morongi, Golaghat district celebrated in Primary School, Rangajan Shantipur on 8 March 2014. The program was presided by Ms. Easter Baghwar, invited guest were Ms. Mukta Dhan, a teacher, Jospina Kerketta a woman president of Golaghat Catholic Church and Ms. Sonia Samad, Documentation Incharge of PAJHRA. All the block coordinators were present along with 45 women participants in the program. The sessions started with the sharing of their problems they face, group discussion, group presentation from the participants. They thanked PAJHRA and workers group staffs for taking the initiatives to celebrate Women Day in village level for the first time. The women decided to have unity and encourage the women in the village. Share each other problems and try to solve it.
• Training on Leadership
Training on leadership was organized by Block workers group of Morongi, Golaghat on 23 Mar at Borgaon No.1. 22 participants were present in the training program. Mr. Paulus Kujur was the resource person. He told the participant about the qualities that required for a good leader. To be a good leader we need education, courage, communication skill, humble, creative, hard working, always ready to do, a good listener, be familiar, honest and polite, having patience, sacrifices, challenging, amiable, determination, specific, achievable, result based, active and always ready to do. The participants were impressed and they asked the Hul coordinators to have a general meeting.



3 complaints were submitted to welfare office at Narayanpur T.E. against Violation on Plantation Labour Act.
On 26th and 27th April Mobile tracking training was held at Sapoi Bhutia Ali organized by NAZDEEK. 20 women were handed Nokia 108 mobile. The participants were form Panbari T.E, Narayanpur T.E, Tinkhuria T.E, Nonke Gorpara and Gorjuli Village.
2 FGD meeting on RTE at Guwabari and No.3 Shialmari. People of Daloabari and Sukhanjhora VCDC demanded for electrification in all the villages, road construction, and community hall at Strongline with written documents submitted to MLA of, East constituency. 30 no. Kokrajhar