1) Facilitate building people’s organizaiton – Hul for their rights and entitlement:
Hul as a people’s organization is promoted in 3 districts to start with. It is a membership based people’s initiative. Intensive awareness and trianing is provided on their rights and entitlement. Capacity of leaders are built who mobilize the community into clusters called Tola Hul which comprise of village Hul with membership over one hundred. The village Huls federate into block Hul which in turn will federtare into district and eventually into state Hul.

The Tola and village Hul are platform for them to obtain their entitlements of government schemes, their right to proper health care, education and platform for social and cultural expression.

Side by side Pajhra also undertakes the following:

2) Promotion and capacity building of the Frontline Organisations.
Knowing that six million or more Adivasis in Assam can not be reached out to by a single organization or a group of organizations, PAJHRA promotes four types of organizations –

i. Non Government Voluntary Organizations (NGOs) to work for the economic upliftment through self help group, micro credit system and by utilizing government development schemes.

ii. Activist Student organization to work particularly on rights and political empowerment of the community.

iii. Literary organizations called the Sahitya Sabhas to increase the literacy rate and promote the culture and enhance self image.

iv. Women organizations – AAWAA (All Adivasi Women’s Association of Assam) in order to deal with women related issues such as atrocities committed on women, trafficking, economic independence of women, gender etc.

3) PAJHRA undertakes networking and advocay within the community with the existing Community Based Organizations and with NGOs. It networks with non-Adivasi agencies and organizations.

4) For enhancing self image and self confidence, PAJHRA undertakes various motivational and cultural training programmes. For this it Promotes the Culture and languages of the Adivasis.

5) It undertakes small Researches and documentation on important issues of the community like language, culture, history etc.

6) Documentation and Publicity is its another thrust area, where particularly the booklets and video documentaries are made to generate greater awareness among the other communities, intellectuals and government on the issues related to the communitiy.

7) Promote Building up of Assam Adivasi Vision 2020
Through execise with diferent stake holders of the community Assam Adivasis Vision 2020 draft document is prepared. The process of acualizing the visions in collaboration with different actors of the society is on.