One of PAJHRA’s core missions is to help raise the self-esteem of Adivasi people, in part by celebrating and promoting Adivasi culture and language.

Support of Adivasi Culture

PAJHRA works with other community organisations to host cultural celebrations and festivals. For example, due to PAJHRA’s continuous efforts in collaboration with other Adivasi organisations, festivals like Karam have become popular among the Adivasis, and the government now extends its best wishes to the Adivasi community on the occasion. Other popular festivals such as Sarhul and Sohrai are also being celebrated by the community. PAJHRA helps popularise Adivasi dress and ornaments at cultural events. PAJHRA also organises trainings on traditional dance and songs to preserve these aspects of Adivasi culture. Through these activities, many Adivasis are newly taking pride in their own history and culture.

Support of Adivasi Languages

There are six major Adivasi languages in Assam: Kurux (Oraon), Mundari, Santali, Kharia, Sawra, and Adivasia (Sadri). PAJHRA promotes the preservation of these languages through encouraging MTB MLE education in Assamese schools. In the past, PAJHRA has also partnered with SIL International and the Linguistics Department of Gauhati University to support the publication of texts in Adivasi languages. PAJHRA helps coordinate workshops teaching participants how to write textual materials in their native tongues, incorporating cultural and traditional practices to preserve knowledge of those as well as of Adivasi languages and scripts.

From 2003-2005, PAJHRA was instrumental in supporting Adivasi literary bodies (Sahitya Sabhas), which sought to support the language and cultural development of their respective tribes. For example, it was due to PAJHRA’s assistance that Kharia Mahasabha, a cultural and literary body of the Kharia tribe of Assam, was revived. PAJHRA continues to give vocal and practical assistance to these groups when needed.