Our Impact

PAJHRA has played a critical role advancing the livelihood and rights of Adivasi people in Assam. Through its programming, PAJHRA has:
• Built leadership in the Adivasi community, including through developing the leaders of other community-based organisations;
• Formed a state-level Adivasi women’s forum that is now active in 12 districts of Assam. The women’s forum plays a vital role in advancing issues of concern to women, including establishing a fair wage for tea workers, securing land rights, improving education of children, and ending domestic violence, alcoholism, trafficking, and witch-hunting;
• Raised concerns of the Adivasi community at the state, national, and international levels, particularly of human rights violations occurring on tea plantations;
• Supported, with two other organisations, the filing of a complaint to the Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman of the World Bank on the poor implementation of a worker shared equity programme on APPL tea gardens;
• Helped raise the daily wage of tea plantation workers from Rs. 94 to Rs. 115 from 2014-15, through a sustained campaign led by the youth body. PAJHRA facilitated trainings and provided other resource materials to advance the youth body’s efforts;
• Ensured better health care services, particularly on maternal and infant health, in the blocks of Dhekiajuli and Balipara in Sonitpur district; and
• Activated primary education in the tea gardens of Dhekiajuli and Borsola blocks of Sonitpur district.