Assam Adivasi Vission 2020

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After one and half year long exercise of consultation meetings with different stake holders of the Adivasi Society, a draft document has emerged on Adivasi’s Vision for 2020. During the year 2010 and 2011 workshops and seminars were held with student organizations, women bodies, common Adivasis, the intellectuals and professionals at district, regional and state level to build the vision of the community focusing on 10 areas, such as education, health, identiy, economic, political, history, etc. The document in the form of a book ASSAM ADIVASI VISION 2020 was released during the 9th Adivasi Mahasabha at Doomni, Baksa, on 21 January 2012. During this event all the key Adivasi organizations of the community such as – AASAA, AAWAA, literary bodies called Sahitya Sabhas, the Adivasi Council along with the common people pledged to actualized the dreams set by the community.

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